City Tour in Fortaleza

Get to know the main streets, avenues and the city center. The tours are held from Monday to Saturday.

Beach Park

Largest water park in Latin America. Pools with waves, enchanted currents, water slides and more. Departure from 9am.

Ipark - Ypióca Tourist Complex

The largest adventure theme park in Ceará with 630 hectares of green area. Departure from 8am.

Morro Branco / Praia das Fontes

The first enchants the multicolored sand cliffs. The second by the sequence of natural water sources. Departure from 8am (Optional: buggy ride).

Aguas Belas

During the low tide, the bathers take advantage to enjoy a delicious bath in the clear and shallow waters of the Malcozinhado river. Departure from 8am (Optional: buggy ride).

broken Canoe

With red cliffs, reefs, streams, high dunes, among others. It is one of the most sought after beaches. Departure from 7:30 am (Optional: buggy and raft ride).

3 beaches in one day

White hill, fountains beach and broken canoe. Departure: from 7h (Optional: buggy and raft ride).


At the seafront are rafts anchored for a unique walk by the sea.


Rustic beach. It is known for its fish pens and its natural pools at low tide.


It is famous for its formations of orange dunes and coconut trees that make up one of the most famous postcards of Ceará.